A software development house specialising in solutions that manage both structured and unstructured data


What we do

Yell Research is a software development house specialising in the development of business solutions that manage both structured and unstructured data. We work with both Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Having worked with Alfresco since the start, we've delivered numerous bespoke implementations. Through this experience, we've built a suite of modules to better leverage the world's first Open Source ECM system.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - for the smaller guys

You shouldn't need a big budget to reap the benefits of an ERP - it should be affordable and simple to own. An ERP should be just the right size for now and scalable for later. Working with Apache's Open For Business, we aim to make this a reality for small to medium size businesses

Open Source

Open Source software underpins all our development efforts.

We believe in the various business models as well as the meritocracy of an open source code base.

We believe all software should be interoperable and affordable - you shouldn't be locked into it.


Working at Yell Research

Best Practice

All our efforts - from Dev Ops to product development to system administration - aim to be based on best practice. There's a very good reason for everything we do - and we expect the same from everyone who works with us.

Software Engineers. Not Cowboys.

We don't aim to be the best individual coders. We aim to be the best software development team - we realise that it takes a co-operative and disciplined effort from everyone on board to deliver a quality product.

Quality over Quantity

We don't want to just hire and fire. We are looking for quality hires - hence our recruitment process is a bit longer and a bit more involved than others you may have come across. We see it as a two way street where you get to find out as much about us as we do about you.

Cultural Fit

If our culture sounds like it's in line with your ideals, and you'd like to see if you're a good fit for one of the roles we have below, please email us at careers@yellresearch.com


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